Dancehall stars Teejay and Ishawna’s new raunchy collaboration “MOOD” has sparked a slew of memes online.

The raw, sexual mid-tempo banger produced by Khalfani Records is currently trending on YouTube at No.3 after racking up over 300,000 views since September 11.

Mood official music video was shot on location in Jamaica and edited by Lagikz.

“Teejay a so yuh did stay? / Yuh by mek mi py give way / Yuh mek mi shed eye water under yuh saca boy / But this a nuh play play / Yuh have me a weap and a moan a reminisce pon di fk wah me a loan / Cya sleep cah mi lie dung and a think bout yuh c*y itch up ina jawbone,” Ishawna sings.

“Gyal whine pon di cy when it go up ina yuh belly yuh fi twerk / Mi mek yuh likkle py cm three time, yeah di fk did worth it / Cock up yuh bay yah / And mek mi slap yuh pon yuh bay jaw / Yuh vibrate like Nokia / When juice a run dung pon da cy yah,” sings Teejay in the hook.

Ishawna’s lyrics like “Push yuh c**k inna mi nose hole”, has helped with the promotions online as Dancehall fans react while using memes.

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