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Tanya Stephens is sharing her views on the heated debate on Spice being the new “Queen Of Dancehall”.

The chatter started earlier this month when Dancehall artist Beenie Man told Onstage TV’s Winford Williams that the “Queen Of Dancehall” is baptized, citing that the true queen is Minister Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw.

According to the Doc, Spice is only the designated queen or queen-elect but not the queen, “If yuh guh tek Lady Saw crown, you affi do weh Lady Saw do! no disrespect,” Beenie said. “You can’t do less work and……,” he said.

However Tanya Stephens is of a different view, speaking on the topic last week during her performance at the Macau Restaurant and Gaming Lounge in kingston, the veteran singer endorsed Spice as the new Queen of Dancehall.

The “It’s A Pity” singer says Spice is putting in the work to claim the title, “So does it really matter to anybody if Spice a Dancehall Queen? Make the woman just be Queen nuh. Why she can’t be Queen? Congratulations to Spice cause the girl a work,” she added.