Tanya Stephens

Veteran recording artiste Tanya Stephens had a few words to say about Lisa Hanna’s win on Thursday night.

Incumbent Lisa Hanna of the People’s National Party has held on to her St Ann South Eastern seat at Jamaica’s 18th general election by a mere 14 votes.

Hanna received 5,124 votes to defeat the Jamaica Labour Party’s Delroy Grantson.

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On Friday, Tanya Stephens uploaded a screenshot of the results on Instagram and wrote;

“Dear humans of Jamaica,
Stop mek Instagram zombies fool oonu! This is a formerly ‘safe’ seat inherited by someone ALL of Jamaica loves (loved?). All she needed to do was be humble and work. A 14 vote margin means recount and likely unseat. IMO the most potential of ANY candidate on either side. Potential and faith are alike though. Without works? I say invalid, the bible says dead. JLP candidates if you don’t learn from anything else…hold this lesson dear.”