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Tanya Stephens says she has no empathy for embattled comedian Bill Cosby who was recently sentenced to 3 to 10 years for rape.

The “It’s A Pity” singer, who is known for her blunt and sometimes controversial opinions, did not mince words as she took to social media earlier this week in full support of the entertainer’s conviction.

Last Tuesday the Dancehall star took to Instagram following Cosby’s sentencing blasting fans who seemed to sympathize with the convicted rapist.

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“Stop acting like it’s hard to understand. I saw someone else ask, ‘But he’s old and blind … what will he do in prison?’ To that I can apathetically respond: ‘tek b..dy helplessly like his victims,” said Stephens.

The statement seemed to anger some fans who took to social media expressing their disappointment with the entertainer saying the only reason Cosby was convicted was due to his race.

However, Stephens quickly hit back at these claims saying “His sentencing was about his crime, you get it straight,” rubbishing claims that he was only convicted because he is a black man.

The female lyricists’ lack of empathy towards the legendary comedian can, however, be understood as she revealed back in 2016 that she was actually a victim of rape.