Dancer-turned-recording artiste TallUp has recorded a diss track aimed at Nicholas Lall as she defends her sister, DHQ Danger.

Earlier this month, DHQ Danger alleged that Lall, who was the Team Spice road manager at the time, raped her while they were on tour in Europe.

While Danger and Nicholas Lall are heading to court for a legal showdown, TallUp has been busy in the studio and cooked up a diss track titled “Danger (You Are Not Alone)”.

“Mi never give yuh mi p***y but yuh hold mi dung and tek it from mi/ How yuh did feel when yuh baby madda find out bout it?/ Yuh come a talk seh yuh f**k me out, yuh lie nuh bloodcl**t/ Yuh find di strength fi a talk and a skin yuh teeth/ Yuh nah nuh shame, yuh nah nuh style, yuh coulda beg me fi it,” TallUp deejays over the beat as she samples Mystikal’s 2000 hit song “Danger (Been So Long)”

“You is a loser, a cheater and a f**king liad/ You need Jesus, God and f**king prayer/ … Danger, Danger, you’re not alone, your sister’s right here..,” She continues.