Stefflon Don has returned with a brand new Dancehall banger titled ‘Move’, sticking to her Jamaican roots.

Move is the first track from the UK-based artiste, the track is produced by Troy “Troyton” Hinds, who also worked on Sean Paul’s smash hit Gimme The Light.

Move speaks to Stefflon Don’s focus on success and the haters that come along with that success.

“Money (Mad), house, paper (Gas) / Look down pon mi shoe a alligator (Get up and move) / Ah weh mi live, skyscraper / If yuh no like mi, yuh must be a hater (Mad),” The Don sings over the beat.

“Anyting dem wah mi do dem haffi pay for (Gas) / Fi count my money, ya gon’ need calculator (Get up and move) / Any we mi step, undertaker / 911, dem haffi call di operator (Mad) / Get up pon move, dash with that (Gas).”