Starr Dawkins

Social media personality-turned-entrepreneur Starr Dawkins is celebrating a major milestone with her Cookie Wash business.

On Saturday, Dawkins announced that Cookie Wash has generated over $1 Million USD in sales. Cookie wash is a feminine hygiene product that cleanses the vulva & promotes moisture.

“Million dolla Pu$$Y ! We did it ! I’ll never forget this black Friday weekend!,” Starr wrote on Instagram. “No initial family support, no rich bf , no loans or money ! Just a pre order, promoting, praying, & Manifesting ! I’m releasing a manifesting book by the end of this year because if I can do this in my 3rd yr what’s stopping you?.”

“In 2017 I still slept on friends couches & took the bus & I decided to be grateful that at least I had legs to walk and hands to give out flyers ! The power of the mind is not a joke most ppl talk how Jamaicans don’t support and how Broward / Miami don’t support but everyday I wake up KNOWING I’m supported & only thinking positive!.”

“Next year I hope more women profit from my brand weather it’s a vending machine or opening a @sweetcookiewash V-spa franchise ! I can’t thank you enough from day 1 it’s been LOVE from every angle 💕🍪💦😘sale is still going keep shopping 🛍,” she continued.