Dancehall entertainer Stacious recently opened up about a slew of topics when she appeared on Next Frideh, a lifestyle and entertainment show aired every Friday on the Teino Evans Media YouTube Channel.

During the candid interview, Stacious revealed that she almost landed a Billboard chart-topping single when she collaborated with Mavado on the Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor-produced single “Come Into My Room”, however industry politics affected the feat.

“I almost got the Billboard song with Come Into My Room with Mavado but because of some copyright issues we were pulled,” She explained. “A nuff people nuh understand the politics behind that song but that song was going places so I’m still grieving over that.”

Stacious says the COVID-19 pandemic has opened her eyes to new realities and as she makes the necessary adjustments and sets new goals – both professionally (for her music career and Scrumptious Juice Bar) and personally (Hopes of having a child) – the entertainer says she is now making the time to actually live and enjoy some of the finer things in life

Watch full interview below.