Montego Bay-based deejay Squash is trending on YouTube with his new Bandit music video.

The Dancehall banger produced by Attomatic Records and Hemton Music released earlier this year, finally has a visual and is the No.3 trending video.

Squash Bandit music video starts with the 6ixx Boss sharing why he’s wanted. A poster read, “Wanted for destroying marriage, breaking up relationships and driving females crazy.”

“Cold 45 shoot off / So tell a n***a mi ‘ave a cold heart / Just f**k yah gyal and den mi cool off / Seh she love di 6ix dem cah yuh too soft,” Squash deejays over the One Way Riddim. “An yeah she cock up like Moruga / She smoke mi cocky like seh she deya Cuba / 6ix ever clean, green like broccoli /So who ah watch di pums, bwoy fi stop mi / Mi nuh pick her mi mek she take ah taxi.”