Dancehall entertainer Squash ‘Still A Roam’ official music video is the No.1 trending video on YouTube in Jamaica.

Wikid Media-directed cut was released on October 25 and currently has over 400,000 views.

‘Still A Roam’ sees Squash addressing recent rumours about him being broke after he was exposed by a producer over a shady business deal.

“‘Bout di singer poor (Ee) / Mi buy di gyal [?] mi never take ah loan (Yeah) / Ask MoBay if yuh never know (Bang) / Before di music mi been ah ring e phone / Money mi bring it home (Yep) / None ah dem ah inna fi’ mi class / Suh how di f**k dem wan’ fi size up wid di boss
Dem wan’ mi fall / Everything ah fi’ mi name dem call/ Tell dem seh mi firmer dan di wall,” The 6ix boss deejays over the riddim.