The Tropixs (Montego Bay, Jamaica) – Squash has released his latest offering, the official music video for ‘Bulla Head.’

Bulla Head is produced by two of the biggest producers coming out of Montego Bay, Shabdon Records and Hempton Music. Squash first rolled out the single on August 17, now weeks later fans are treated to the visuals.

The Punz Entertainment Film-cut starts with a man being seduced by a beautiful woman. Things quickly took a turn for the worst as he was then tied up and killed by a member of Squash’s camp.

Squash then makes his entry as the Jeremy Rosales directed-visuals begin to tell the story. “Dem is a bloodclaat rat / Love chat off dem likkle nasty mouth dem love fi yap / Everybody know dem anuh killer dem just a act / People aguh seh mi corrupt when mi full dem up a shot,” he deejays.

Watch Squash Bulla Head music video below.