Squash and Chronic Law have broken their silence after they were unable to perform at Reggae Sumfest on Saturday morning.

Speaking with fans on social media shortly after the show, Squash said his 6ix team is still winning despite the constant fight from authorities, “We were raised and trained for war,” he said. “The fight is real but #6ix forever.”

While Chronic Law wrote, “Born To Fight !!!!!!!!!!!! #WeOutHereWithoutFear ? Teacha Sehh “Evil Cyaa Win But It Nuh Learn” #Facts.”

Thousands of patrons left the Catherine Hall Sport Complex in Montego Bay livid on Saturday morning.

Law enforcement officers pulled the plug on Reggae Sumfest Night One, formerly known as Dancehall Night at around 8:27 am. The move axed the highly anticipated closing acts, Chronic Law and Squash 6ix Boss.

According to one superintendent at the event, the show was given additional hours beyond the intended 6:00 am lock off. However the use of profane language by entertainers was of the reasons for them ending the show.


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#Dancehall deejays #Squash and #ChronicLaw speaks after being unable to perform at #ReggaeSumfest ✊

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