Montego Bay-based Dancehall deejay Squash rolls out the official visuals for “Bandulu”.

The gritty hustler anthem is produced by 6ixReal Records in collaboration with Game Changa Records, sees the deejay knowing up to a series of criminal activities as he glorifies being a ‘Bandulu’.

The official music video is currently trending at No.6 on YouTube in Jamaica after amassing 166,000 views following its released on September 22.

“Every gyal love 6ix because we a bandulu / Gyal a do as I say like mi wuk voodoo / 6ix lock the whole place who fool oonu / Long 30 clip inna the Ruger / Head banga, top scamma, mek e mula / Wah ‘mount a duppy deh pon mi computer / 24-inch pon e Bimmer coupe / Gyal a pray to di boss like Buddha,” Squash spits over the beat.

“Seh dem a kick the ball not even know the game / Never put the dope fi sale / Never have a boat pon di sea a sail / Before mi buss inna di music millions mi have a save / Check mi accolade / Don’t pass yuh place.”

Bandulu visuals were shot in South Florida, while T.A.K is credited for the editing.