The first official video of Spice from the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has been released.

On Tuesday a promotional video of the Dancehall artiste playing a game “Two truths and a bluff.” In the video Spice made three statements and fans were asked to state which two are true and which one was a lie.

The “Duffle Bag” rapper shared that Alicia Keys told her she was beautiful, former United States president slapped her on her ass, and she used to live in London. As expected the bit about Obama was the bluff however Spice’s video went viral as several Jamaicans had an issue with her accent.

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“Lawd Gad.. Spice buy the new accent already?,” one user wrote, while others wrote, “The twanging naa go work hope she doesnt,” another “smh Spice quick fi sell wi out ee.”

However a few Spice supporters were quick to defend her pointing out that most Americans would find it difficult to understand the Jamaican dialect.

“people cya be so air-headed. wah unu mean accent, unu reaalllyyy feel everybody ago understand our Jamaican dialect?,” one wrote. “Ppl have problem wid the woman accent like seh half a America ago understand we language,” another added.

View Spice’s first Love & Hip Hop Atlanta promotional video and more comments below.