Lisa Hyper and Spice

The second season of Spice’s talk show “Spice It Up!” is now in full swing and Lisa Hyper is set to make an appearance.

Spice and Lisa Hyper ended their decade-long beef back in July when the former GAZA/Portmore Empire deejay issued a public apology the Queen of Dancehall.

Hyper uploaded a video on social media making the announcement.

“The world has changed recently and have forced me to look at life differently,” the entertainer captioned the video. 

“I have realized that peace is much easier than war and that healing is important. I’ve made mistakes just like anyone else, but it’s what you do and learn from your mistakes that count.”

“Over 12 years now myself and @gracehamilton_wef @spiceofficialnews have lived in malice for no real reason. Today I want to say I’m growing and healing. I still mess up but I’m trying to fix things. Spice I’m sorry for the way I allowed the traditions of war in our music made me feel and treated you. You have done wonderful things for this business, females in the business and Jamaica. I want to let you know Im humbled and I appreciate you.  I’m not sure how this will play out but from my heart I am sorry and I pray God intervenes where ever evil doers try to create anymore animosity,” she continued.

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In a response, Spice accepted Lisa Hyper’s apology, while issuing one of her own.

“@lisa_hyper Apology accepted ‼️and I’d like to apologize to you too, because at the end of the day the disrespect wasn’t one sided. I too retaliated towards you in my diss song in a very derogatory manner,” Spice wrote.

“I can tag you now because I just unblocked you after 10 years 😳 WOW (den a so mi keep malice long) 😫 Big up yuh self , a public apology takes humility so I respect your bold move. Besides we were younger and I know you were misled by a demon in human form in which I’m sure if our friendship had continued we would have been a greater force to reckon working together, but Fun and jokes aside, life is way too short and too much happening around us especially in these times for us to be carrying on disdain.”

“I have no contempt towards you in fact I believe you are extremely talented and I wish you great success in this male dominated business. We both share something in common #GAZAFORLIFE 💙✊🏿,” she added.