Spice and Nicholas Lall

Spice’s Estranged baby daddy, Nicholas Lall is denying allegations that he raped Dancehall Queen (DHQ) Danger.

DHQ Danger dropped the bombshell on Monday night after she was dragged in the middle of Spice and her spiritual adviser RT Boss’ ongoing beef.

During one of RT Boss’ Instagram Live video, he played a voice note of Spice bashing her Nicholas Lall, claiming he had sex with and performed oral sex on Danger. The word got to Lall who phoned during the LIVE to deny ever performing the latter, but confirmed that he had sex with Danger.

Moments later, Danger took to her IG Live to blast Lall as she claimed that sex was not consensual and that the saga was what got her disbanded from Team Spice in 2018.

According to her, while on tour in Europe, Lall, who was at the time Spice’s road manager, entered her hotel room by securing a copy of her room key, and he raped her. She said that he allegedly threatened to kill her and that he threatened her with the loss of her job.

Nicholas Lall has since denied the allegations claiming that they had a secret relationship not a one-time sexual encounter, as Danger claims.

“I’m wrong, we both of wrong for f**king each other. When we were going around and fuck on tour, this was no one time. Me and you f**k all around the world, we were f**king in the whole of Europe,” he said.

“What yuh gain from this. I ago ask unu, the amth of ppl in my inbox calling me rapist, listen mi have my gal pickney weh mi love dearly, if somebody rape one a them , mi kill that. Min uh support raper,” Lall continued.