Dancehall entertainers Spice and Tifa have rekindled their friendship.

The “Why Yuh Mad” collaborators had a fallout 6 years ago and are finally back on speaks terms again. The “Spell It Out” singer, appeared on the latest episode of Magnum “Spice It Up.”

During the show, Tifa revealed that their rift was centred around her 2014 win at the Youth View Award (YVA).

“When mi win the award I went on the stage and seh mi ago share it and give it to Gracie because Gracie had an awesome year,” she said. “You did just have So Mi Like It, and I think you posted a picture and di people dem a done mi under it, and I was just like damn… You know people inna your ears a seh, ‘If Tifa was your real friend yuh wouldn’t mek nobody a slaughter har under the picture’.”

“It was just a whole heap of craziness, and I think you had said something bout mi upset because mi nah dominate again, and I’m just like yow if Gracie had an issue… you shoulda just tek up your phone and call me… I just think it was just the people dem pon the two side and people inna di two a we ears because when mi really think bout it, there was nothing to really be upset about,” Tifa continued.

However Spice remember their fallout happening differently. The Queen of Dancehall denied ever having bad-mouthed Tifa and said she shouldn’t have listened to critics online.

“How could I say you upset because you nah dominate again and at the time when I won Youth View Award, that year was my very first year of winning the award?” asked Spice. “You a di one weh did win it every year. I can remember back before 2014, you were the female that was dominating dancehall… When I got So Mi Like It, that was like a breakthrough for me… It was all about Tifa all along so when I won the award, and mi start hear things and mi see Tifa start drift, mi start feel some type a way and a seh, ‘But mi always a encourage Tifa’… I then feel like the love weh mi did a give you, mi never did a get it back when a my time.”

Tifa agreed that Spice did indeed encourage her, especially when she felt like retiring from music. Despite the misunderstanding, Tifa said she remained a silent fan over the years.

“Me so happy for yuh and proud a yuh and mi member the conversations dem weh we have,” said Tifa. “It’s unfortunate that it f**k up for di six years but den it just come back to the same thing weh people always a seh, we need each other… There is strength in numbers.”

Watch full episode below.