There’s never a dull moment with Spice and her estranged baby daddy, ex-finance Nicholas Lall.

The Queen of Dancehall recently revealed that Lall once tried to take her house away from her. Spice made the revelation during a candid Q&A session on Instagram Live with Magnum Tonic Wine titled “Tek Charge A Di Moment: 21 Questions”.

Among the many questions, the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star was asked if she would sign a prenuptial agreement if she were to get married.

“If I’m more well off than my husband him affi sign a prenup because me nah work so hard and then man come tek weh my little things,” Spice said in her response.

“It depends on how well off my husband is, because you never know who you gonna fall in love with. Maybe I would be more well off than the person or him more well off than me but it all depends because me nah make no man come take weh my supm dem,” the “Romantic Mood” singer continued.

Spice then referenced her relationship with Lall, who fathers her two children, Nicholas Jr. and Nicholatoy.

“Member my baby father eno. A 10 years me and him de eno, decade, and him lie down beside me everyday that man tell me say him love me,” she said. “The man kiss you see, everyday the man remind me say him love me and you see when me and him left…. the man wa carry me go court fi take weh all wa him don’t know about,” Spice added while laughing.

The entertainer told fans that Nicholas Lall wanted control of her house, “Likkle most me pickney dem no live nowhere,” she continued.

It seems Lall got wind of Spice’s Q&A session and later posted a cryptic post online.

“If You a hate me, hate me alone. Don’t be out here lying about me and trying to recruit people to hate me with you,” He wrote. In a follow-up post shared to his Instagram account, he wrote, “Not one scar on my heart came from an enemy. They all came from people who ‘love’ me.” He continued the message in the caption area of his post, instructing his followers to remember that “only the person you allow to hug you can squeeze your neck [“#amestillawin.”].”