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The Queen of Dancehall, Spice has lashed out against her estranged ex-fiancé/baby father Nicholas Lall after he took jabs at her on Tuesday while sending birthday wishes to their son.

In a lengthly post Lall suggested that he was solely responsible for taking care of the kids due to Spice’s hectic schedule. He also hinted that the “Needle Eye” deejay is keeping their kids away from him however she’s now refuting his claims.

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Spice immediately took to Facebook to share her side of the story, “When your baby father nah support your kids financially but decide to live the rest of his life trowing you under the bus when you are their only source of survival there comes a point when you just have to explode,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “Today I’m Willing to go through the scandal cause my cup is FULL.”

According to Spice, Lall is just upset because their relationship is over and he no longer can get her money to steal so he’s not resorting to telling lies online.

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