Spice is making sure her family is good!

The Dancehall superstar once again displayed her knack for spoiling family members by buying her sister a brand new SUV for her birthday.

Spice took to Instagram earlier this week to share the happy moment with fans, as she gifted her younger sibling a brand new white Honda CRV.

In the post, Spice surprises her blindfolded sister with three gifts, the last of which was the vehicle.

“Your gift is behind you. Happy birthday,” Spice gleefully announced, revealing a brand new pearly white SUV with a big red bow.

“Bought my Lil sis a Car for her birthday,” Spice captioned the post. “Happy Birthday @fenisehamilton for some reason she thinks she’s the shit cause she shares the same birthday as @vybzkartel. I love you sis, we grew up head and tail sleeping on one bed together, we struggled together, cried together, fight with each other and we sure as hell gonna share our success together HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now I have another reason for you to make my tea at nights,” she joked.

Spice enjoyed a very successful year in 2019, scoring multiple hits and headlining numerous shows across the world.

The Dancehall superstar recently returned to the island after completing her appearance on another season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.