Spice on set of "Spice It Up"

The Queen of Dancehall Spice is clearing her name as it relates to Obeah allegations.

Spice’s successful career and her rise in the Dancehall industry was questioned earlier this week after her formed friend and spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith claims that she stifled the careers of fellow female entertainers.

RT Boss claims Spice contracted her services and placed an ‘order’ which subsequently ran Minister Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw out of Dancehall. 

In an emotional Instagram live video, the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star denied the allegations. According to her, it was RT Boss who would try to convince her that female artistes were practicing obeah on her.

“Obeah a weh mi nuh mix up inna,” she started. “Yuh come, yuh claim seh di woman (Lady Saw) a obeah mi, fi wah? Lady Saw, Macka Diamond, Pamputtae, Tifa, mi nah mention Shenseea because she just come after…but mi call di four name dem because mi see some whole heap a mix up on who a obeah who and unno a seh mi nah help Pamputtae and mi nuh do this for Pamputtae,” She said during the live.

“Yuh know when Macka Diamond hot and a run di place mi nav nuh song? Unno know nuh care how much unno drag Macka Diamond, one a di time a she a run di place hot-hot, hits after hits and song? Grace never have none. When Pamputtae seh, ‘pat yuh pu**y and call yuh man name…mi never have no song, mi deh home and hungry, mi couldn’t even feed mi pickney dem. A money mi did haffi borrow fi feed mi pickney dem.”

“Yuh see Tifa, when Tifa find di hit song dem one backa one, Spice never have nuh song… So why when Spice hot now, everybody and dem muma and dem granny and old house waan fi tumble dung pon me?,” Spice continued.

“I get my fair run inna dancehall six years ago and I’ve been in the business for 20 years…” she said. “Mi just get likkle hype and unno waan kill mi fi it… Everybody get dem turn… See Shenseea come now and unno waan mi hate di girl fi it, mi nah dweet… Everybody haffi eat.”

Spice broke down in tears as she spoke about the multiple sacrifices she made alone in her quest to get the top spot in the competitive Dancehall industry.

“God know how mi reach yah so, so a God alone can tek mi off it…” she said, teary-eyed. “God know weh mi go through; a me and mi two pickney dem alone, a me alone, so mi nuh waan nobody come feel like seh dem can tear me down. Unno cya tear mi dung because mi suffer and struggle, bare hungry, weh unno did deh?”

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