Several Dancehall superstars have taken a stance against the Jamaican government over it’s “fight against Dancehall.”

A slew of popular entertainers joined the ongoing movement on social media blasting the Jamaican government over it’s “fight” against Dacehall music and events.

Entertainers such as Spice, Bounty Killer, Konshens, Vanessa Bling, Skatta Burrell, Elephant Man, and producer Markus Myrie are just some of the name who took to Instagram recently to share posts demanding the government to stop fighting events.

The posts, which have been gaining a lot of traction online, went as far as to encourage fans not to vote for any political party that continues to fight Dancehall music and culture.

The move follows reports of cops shutting down several events across the corporate area recent, most notably a popular throwback event “Footloose,” which was held at Mas Camp recently.

The concerns of fans island-wide were recently echoed by Downsound Records boss Skatta Burrell, who called on stakeholders in the industry to unite against this ‘attack on Dancehall.’

“These methods by cops does not reduce crime nor does it benefit a country that was built as the Mecca for the best in entertainment that gave birth to so many genres of music, has influenced so many cultures and produced so many iconic figures the entire world looks up to. Our culture is dying, and once it’s gone we can be sure that’s when more bodies will be piling up,” Skatta said.

However, it seems the issue has sparked mixed reactions from fans on social media with many declaring separate views.

“A tru man! Ppl cya keep them ting in peace Bcz a dem police ya,” one fan complained while another hit back saying “Everyone quick to talk about culture all of sudden because the the big time promoters not making big bucks…what about the crime….the crime….as well as people need to know there a law as it relates to time and keeping parties…party nuh start 2…it should end at 2…”