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Spice is livid after being blackmailed and it looks like one of her dancers is behind the plot.

The Queen of Dancehall’s hands were forced on Wednesday so she ended up leaking the photo and video.

Spice first uploaded a video showing a woman whom she claims wasn’t her with two men in bed. “Stop sending around videos cause my fans know “This ain’t me,” she wrote.

In a follow-up post, the Cool It deejay accused dancer Pretty Pretty of being the mastermind and said TC also knew about the scheme.

“My X dancer Pretty Pretty I know its You and your friends have this picture a send round and think you smart,” She said. “Remember a unu alone know my password. Rebel inna hospital and Tc know bout it and nah talk so make mi post it fi my self cause clearly this don’t even look like me #Tryagain #TrustnoOne.”

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