Spice Magnum

Jamaican born superstar Spice is having a blast of a decade with her third ‘First Of’ achievement so far for the year.

The Dancehall icon and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Spice is most known for her actions that have shaken up societal norms and becoming the first female Caribbean artist to receive an honor from the prestigious Harvard University’s Caribbean Club has been her latest move.

Spice will receive her honors on February 29th, 2020, for excellence in Dancehall and Reggae during the third annual Jubilee titled “Many Nations One People,” hosted by fellow Caribbean influenced starlet Jessie Woo.

With Billboard-topping and charting music, a worldwide impacting nonprofit, releasing two sets of music inspired makeup lines titled ‘Piano Make Up Palette’ and ‘Microphone Brush Set,” launching her hair company “Faces And Laces” Spice, in the opinion of many others believes, she’s deserving of this prestigious award.

She has not only started the global phenomenon of reggae popularization but has become a staple and mainstay for over a decade.

According to Spice, “It’s amazing and humbling that my contributions to the genre of music I love are being recognized by such as prestigious college on the level of Harvard.”

Along with a new single titled “Rolling” Spice is off to an incredible start to a new decade. What’s next for the groundbreaking recording artist? Who knows, but know that whatever Spice is up to next, it shall be revolutionary!