The future of Team Spice is now uncertain after Spice clashed with Dancing Rebel, TC and Pretty Pretty online.

The dancing trio came under fire from Dancehall fans earlier this week after they kept silent during Spice’s online saga with her spiritual advisor Nardo ‘RT Boss’ Smith.

It was alleged that Dancing Rebel, TC and Pretty Pretty were secretly gossiping about their boss as it relates to her dress code, makeup and even pay, however the dancers failed to refute the rumours which spiralled out of control.

On Wednesday, Veteran Dancehall selector Richie Feelings took to his Instagram live calling out the dancers saying they are hypocrites and ungrateful. He added that the Team Spice group was now cancelled after they failed to reach out to their embattled leader or offer support publicly.

Following Richie Feelings’ comments, TC went Live on her Instagram account addressing the accusations and criticise Spice for not confronting the team behind-the-scenes.

“Nutten never hurt mi suh yet fi see Richie Feelings a bring mi dung and Spice comment and seh ‘dem ungrateful’,” TC said. “Mi nuh do nutten at all. Everything happen, all now Spice don’t tek up her phone and seh as a boss, ‘mek she talk’… A suh Spice stay; she prefer cut yuh off and nuh know and inna di long run she hear seh a so it did go… Graci yuh coulda come deal with this like a boss cause we have a group chat, and bad as things be Graci, me and you have a relationship where we can talk…”

An emotional TC, rejected claims that she wasn’t loyal to the Queen of Dancehall as she declared that she exclusively stayed with Spice for four years and accepted a meagre income.

TC said she happily worked worked for free if needs be, and endured several injuries while doing shows for Spice and never complained because she loved her job.

“Memba dem time deh a JMD$2000 mi a get pay and mi never mek it a problem,” she explained. “Spice carry mi go all over the world and mi grateful, Spice cya seh me ungrateful… Mi nah go tell unno seh mi nuh talk, everybody chat tings… Mi nah go tell unno seh one and two times, bad to bad, we nuh feel one likkle way bout the $2000… But wah, still go out, still dweet.”

In a follow-up live, Dancing Rebel confirmed that she did speak about her Spice behind her back, but made it clear she wasn’t the only one guilty of the act. 

“Mi woulda f**k up fi true fi seh Spice nuh do nutten fi we, but di whole a we used to complain bout we pay and as a girl weh always outside before Team Spice a work, mi used to encourage the girl dem pon the team seh, ‘Girls, unno can do other things fi top up unno money’,” Rebel said.

Despite those actions, Rebel defended her loyalty to her boss. “Everybody did loyal to Spice…all when mi complain… Mi get nuff opportunity and mi nuh tek dem because mi seh Graci a mi dawg and mi wull it… Spice you is a good boss but get it together,” she continued.

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The night wouldn’t be complete if Pretty Pretty didn’t take the stage as the latest Team Spice recruit echoed the sentiments made by TC and Rebel.

Spice later launched an Instagram live of her own and blasted the ladies for going public with their internal issues.

“You know why unno go live?” Spice asked. “Cause Richie Feelings seh something weh hurt unno and a unno alone have feelings but other things was said about me as unno boss and it never hurt unno, nobody nuh go Live.”

The “Duffle Bag” deejay denied giving her dancers meagre pay after they made claims of getting $2000 a night for events in Jamaica.

“I pay unno JMD$15,000 each week,” Spice said. “When unno deh a Jamaica each of unno get $3000 per night. People a work one week inna Jamaica and a $7000-8000 dem a get fi di week…and mi pay unno driver, mi buy unno liquor, mi buy unno clothes. Fi keep Team Spice pon di road every week it cost me over a JMD$100,000 and fi di four week when unno deh pon it, it cost me half a million dollars, and dat a just unno pay alone. When unno leave from Jamaica a US$700 unno get…but unno nah talk. When unno go a England is US$1000 mi pay unno.”

She continued by disclosing why her dancers aren’t current holders of U.S. work permits.

“Unno have Canada visa inna unno book, is me mek unno get. Unno have a England visa inna unno book, is me mek unno get. Unno have a Europe visa, is me mek unno get the Europe visa. Unno don’t have a US visa, why? Because me already have a work permit over three years and mi nuh own outta Embassy. Unno cannot go pon a work permit unless mi ready fi renew my work permit and mi work permit nuh up.”