Spice went viral on Monday when she uploaded her first photo on Instagram in two weeks.

The Dancehall entertainer sent her local and international fans into a frenzy when she uploaded a photo of herself with a lighter complexion, “Nothing wrong with a fresh start,” Spice wrote under the image.

Turns out Spice’s light skin transformation was just a publicity stunt to promoter her new single ‘Black Hypocrisy’ which is featured on her upcoming mixtape called ‘Captured.’

Spice Fans React To Her First Video Following Social Media Exit

“I think I am mostly called black by my own race, and I am trying to please them so I am going to see what they have to say now,” she said during an interview, adding that she has never received certain comments from other races, because “it’s always my own people saying ‘she black eeh’,” among other distasteful descriptions.

Spice revealed that she is using herself as a tool to show what will happen if people continue to discriminate based on skin tone.

On Tuesday, Spice released the highly anticipated ‘Black Hypocrisy’ music video.

Black Hypocrisy is about colorism and how it affects young people’s self-esteem and pressures them into skin-bleaching, “Only the intelligent ones will get the message “Bun racism demolish Colourism “,” she wrote on Instagram.