Skillibeng rolls out a brand new single titled “Hot”.

The track comes amidst the ongoing ‘jacket’ controversy surrounding the Dancehall entertainer and his ex-girlfriend Leshii Beng.

Released on Monday (October 2), Hot is Produced by EastSyde Records, Herah Music Production & YGF Records.

The track sees Skillibeng reflecting on his progress in the dancehall industry after making his entrance over a year ago.

“Mi name hotter than how mi spliff hot (So hot) / If dem nuh talk bout Skilli dem mad (Cuh deh) / Mi jus a laugh watch di p***y dem chat (Cuh deh) / Bell a go off when mi name a mention / Mi use dem negative energy and mek quantum traveling machine go neda dimension / A bear big long gun Skilli fire / When man a roll clip well ram up, one ting di head hot,” he deejays.