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Dancehall diva Tifa and newcomer Shenseea are currently feuding online following their performances at Reggae Sumfest 2017 on Dancehall Night.

Shortly after her stint, the ‘Hype Don’t Pay My Bills’ singer took to her Instagram account to speak on the flaws in Dancehall music which are contributing to it’s failure.

“Pardon the expletives! But there is too much f**king buy out, bias, friend thing & fight down inna dancehall music!!!,” Tifa wrote. T”hat’s why we Can’t reach nowhere! We need fi stop promote f**kry!!! Nuff talented artists nah get them just shine & highlight because of foolishness !!!”

“That’s why our music can never be better & reach it’s true potential & others will continue to capitalize & use our music to hit billboard and we deh ya a bleach pon certain selecta fi scream out ova certain song weh nah go nowhere!!!”

“Anyways my performance was awesome even tho the time given to me was a shitty time. I still rocked it!!!,” She continued.

“No matter how people try to go around me, God always raise me above!!! The promo people Dem wah a make them post the ugly pic wid me know this!!! It still nah make unu no better #nextlevel #blessed,” Tifa added.

However Shenseea and her manger  Romeich Major, seemingly took offence to her statement and has since responded online.

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“landed at 8pm lastnight recorded this song by 1am this morning and releasing it in trinidad today alot of people talking about business bias and people a buy out music you all need to get up and work !!! WORK WORK WORK that’s what u need to do to be great,” Major wrote.

Which was followed by a post from the ‘Jiggle Jiggle’ singer saying, “Women should stop complaining about the industry is male dominated etc…”

“if majority a y’all united with each other and never stop badmind and want success for unu self the industry woulda better.”

Shenseea continued by saying, “If I see a female taking over I don’t try to tear them down, I allow them to motivate me to reach their level or surpass. Aint nothing wrong with wanting to be the best, it’s just not right to have a selfish mindset and attitude. At the end of the day we as Artistes are not just making music for ourselves.”

“Music is not a competition once you love it and the moment you start to stalk and spend time watching other people’s success and comparing it to your life is the moment you start to fail. Focus on your journey and work hard.,” she added.