Shenseea will not be clashing any Dancehall artiste anytime soon and she has an interesting reason why.

The “ShengYeng” star literally looks about that life as she recently sounded off a cryptic warning on Instagram while also sharing why she would never clash another Dancehall artiste.

According to the entertainer, she tries her best to avoids confrontations as she tends to take things very personally, especially topics such as family.

“People don’t understand that i don’t curse anymore! i have no time for that! B, if yuh diss me a WAR yuh start!! and if yuh want truce ya fi go hol a beaten! Cause we afi fight! i don’t think i can ever do clash! Next thing a artiste go call all my pickney name to raaaatid! Jail! Is that you??,” the deejay posted.

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Fans immediately picked up on the post, with several taking to social media to speculate whom the warning may be directed towards.

Shenseea too extra. Come inna the game with har fake self a gwaan like she real but b*tch couldn’t even wait till her career tek off good before she start show har dutty colours?. Ishawna or whosoever she a talk ago done har like bag juice! Watch eee joke,” one fan wrote.

The speculation seemed to continue as another fan added, “She mad!! Me waa Ishawna rub har out! Done har like bag juice!,” while another trolled “Even Shenseea imaginery friend could beat her up! Girl bye!.”