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Shenseea says she’ll be giving back to the less fortunate this Christmas season as she reflects of growing up poor.

According to the Dancehall singjay, she’ll be “giving away clothing to the needy/home this holiday” Shenseea, real name Chinsea Lee, made the announcement on Monday as she recounted the hardship she faced as a child.

“I remember when my Mom worked with a lot of wealthy people and she used to bring a big garbage bag once in a while filled with clothes for me,” Shenseea said. “I never understood why would she even bring them for me when I’m not even fancy about clothing and brands and stuff but maybe she was and she couldn’t afford them so she found a way to make me look how she wanted me to look without stealing.”

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“We all need help in this world and its never a bad thing to accept it no matter how big you are! I am now in a position where I can give back little by little without a boastful attitude. Unity is always best than trying to stand alone, only fools think that they can take over the world by themselves. Put away the pride and show the world a better you,” she added.