Shenseea is really having a rough year.

While her ongoing health issues continues, the Dancehall singer is also dealing with some crazed fans who are invading her privacy.

“I have various places where I stay! If you know any of them DO NOT F**KING COME TO MY PERSONAL HOMES,” She wrote via Instagram story.

According to Shenseea, a few crazed fans are now pushing the limit showing up at her houses asking for pictures, calling out her name, camping out at her gate for hours, some even throw notes and flowers through her gate.

The “ShengYeng Anthem” singer made it clear that she loves her supporters however she needs her personal space. “This has been going on far too long!!! What y’all wanna do force me to live overseas???,” she continued. “You will be disrespected if ANYBODY does any of tis again! Y’all are invading my privacy!!”

Shenseea said she has been battling with crazed fans and stalkers for sometime now bit its getting “far too worst.”