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Fast-rising Dancehall artist Shenseea’s manger Romeich Major has gone into the transportation business.

A new bus branded Romeich Entertainment with the faces of the ‘Jiggle Jiggle’ singer along with fellow label mates Ding Dong and Escobar is set to travel the Half-Way Tree to Stony Hill route for the new school year.

Shenseea took to social media on Tuesday to share the news with her over 400k followers.

“I was born in Mandeville Hospital, resided in St. Elizabeth, moved to Kingston at about the age 2/3, moved to Stony Hill when I started High School.,” She wrote. “I spent most of my memories residing in Stony Hill and took music buses to HWT in the mornings ? A dem bus ya make me know nuff Dancehall music and introduce me to alot a Artiste.”

Shenseea Crowns Herself The “Goddess Of Dancehall”

“If I had not listen Dancehall music I would not know upon til now that I can DJ because I only spent my younger years listening to Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Chris Brown and Beyonc√© etc.

“So singing was the only thing I knew I could do! I am happy to say my team @romeichentertainment and I have a bus running on the Stony Hill to HWT route ?

“Big up all a di ductor dem from Stony Hill weh gi me a pass when a $100 fi bus fare and I had only $50 ? If unu nuh like hear @shenseea @dingdongravers Or @escobar_bday_sept_22 dnt take it! ??? If unu nuh like Dancehall music DO NOT TAKE it!.”