Shenseea is always showing love and support to her ShenYengs on social media.

Through her Instagram story posts, the Dancehall singjay has helped several of her fans with depression, bullying, family issues plus many more.

On Friday, a gay fan who is in the closet asked Shenseea for some much needed advice. The “Blessed” singer said they should get out the closet immediately and stop caring for what others think because life is too short.

“Ya only in the closet cause you care so much about what people think of you,” Shenseea wrote. “(Get the f**k out) the closet and live ya best life while you got it,” she continued.

During the question and answer session Shenseea also confirmed that she is single, and likes men that are loving due to her hardcore personality. “I like loving n***as… I’m rough so i need that balance,” she said.

When questioned about her sexuality, she responded with “I’m just a nymphomaniac.