Foota Hype ran into Shenseea at the airport on Sunday and it looked awkward!

In a video uploaded to the outspoken Dancehall selector/producer’s Instagram story, a seemingly irritated Shenseea can be seen dodging Foota Hype’s camera and questions.

The encounter was the first since the Romeich Entertainment singjay’s alleged altercation with her former best friend.

“People a who this? Can i get a wow,” Foota Hype said while holding unto Shenseea’s jacket at the airport. “People a who this the great ShenYeng? People don’t ramp with ShenYeng or she will beat you,” she continued.

“Allegedly, i don’t know what you’re talking about,” Shenseea responded. Foota Hype then proceeded to ask her if she was wearing makeup however is feed was subsequently shut down when her producer stepped in.

It comes as no surprise to Dancehall fans that Shenseea isn’t Foota Hype’s biggest fan at the moment as he lead the backlash for her “Blessed” collaboration with Tyga earlier this year.

Shortly after Shenseea unveiled the teaser for “Blessed”, Foota Hype was quick to share his disapproval of her with another woman in bed.


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Why #FootaHype see #Shenseea and causing problems ???

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