Shenseea in "Bad Alone" music video

Shenseea is spitting some hardcore gun lyrics in her latest single “Bad Alone”.

The gritty track is featured on the “Internet Badness Riddim” produced by Romeich Entertainment.

“Me is a gyal weh nuh fraid fi war, and mi nuh fraid fi buss gun,” Shenseea deejays over the beat. The visuals released on Saturday (November 21) sees ShenYeng dressed in a sexy camouflage outfit while parading with a firearm.

While Shenseea advocates that she is “Bad Alone”, the entertainer is packed by an army of women who also had various machine power along with machetes and baseball bats in the video.

The violent video also saw Shenseea shooting another woman.

“Bad Alone” is a contrast from the Dancehall princess usual offerings like The Sidechick Song, Good Comfort, Sheng Yeng Anthem and Trick’a Treat.

However Dancehall fans embraced the change, “Shenseea has more versatility than most Male artists. She went from being a Sidechick to Rebel and now she’s saying she is Bad Alone her bars are always on point and exact and both men and women can vybz to her song,” one fan wrote on YouTube.

“Ion Neva Wanna Hear Somebody Say This Lady Overrated !!! Straight Firee Baby . 🔥😩,” another said. “It’s evident Shenseea is the best female artist in Jamaica 🔥Big Tune✊mob love from Kenya 🇰🇪,” the comments continued.

Watch Shenseea “Bad Alone” official music video below.