Shenseea and Tarrus Riley teams up for the release of the visuals for their track “Lighter”.

The Rvssian produced track is a mellow, mod-tempo which compliments fiery romance. Singy Singy, comes in the track, laying down lyrics for his lady while Shenyeng showcases her vocals on the hook of the track, “Baby when the bright lights start to fade, fire up your lighter/ Float on with the waves, You make me feel li-li-lighter, You make me feel li-li-lighter/ You make me feel…”

The video which was directed by Xtreme Arts, showcases a two and a half minute trip adding artful concepts, close-ups, and the mesmerising Jamaican landscape.

“Weh yuh ah do, weh yuh ah do, tell me Shenseea/ Like yuh wah mi head fi spin roun’ like a d*** car tire/ Endless loving an it cyah expire/ Ah who seh Jah Jah never answer prayer.” Riley sings.

Shenseea then responds with, “Yuh know seh yuh have di loving fi me body when yuh hold me/ And if yuh call me wi come/ Baby mi nah let you go, Love is like a seed an yuh reap what yuh sow.”

This song seems fit for a summer anthem from the classic MG ride and red fedora fit. The video now sits at over 640,000 since its release on September 6 to Shenseea’s official YouTube channel.

You can watch the music video for the track below