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Shauna Chyn is using her past to elevate her music career.

The controversial recording artiste who was once romantically linked to Gully Bop, is gearing up to release her debut album later this year titled “From The Gully To The Money.”

Chyn who is allegedly dating business mogul, Joe Bogdanovich, is currently promoting her new singles White Christmas, Spreading Rumours and Dreamland.

Last year Shauna Chyn re-emerged on the Dancehall scene sporting a brand new look and sound.

Chyn stunned fans after announcing that she had undergone cosmetic surgery to enhance her “assets” in a bid to launch a successful recording career.

According to the ‘Control Button’ singer, she had over $2million worth of surgery done and has never felt more confident in her life.

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“I took the fat out of my back, belly, armpit and between my legs and put it in my bottom. I am now a 38 cup in my breasts. After the surgery, I was basically a baby again so I had to have a personal nurse for two weeks.”

Chyn reveals the procedure is something she has always dreamed of doing but only made the decision after witnessing a friend’s untimely death, bringing her to the realization that life is short so why not do the things you like.

The surgery, which was performed in the Domonican Republic is said to have set the aspiring superstar back a pretty penny but she says its something she was saving long and hard towards.