The Designer Body ladies of Jamaica will be uniting for a brand new Reality Show.

Produced by the Dominican Republic-based plastic surgery company, the show will feature recording artiste Shauna Chyn along with popular dancers DHQ Sher DHQ Headtop and Renee Sixthirty, all who recently did body enhancements and modifications.

The Designer Body’s reality TV show will begin filming in June and is slated to premiere on YouTube in July.

Speaking with the Star, Designer Body’s representative, Michelle Cotterill said the show will demonstrate the importance of the recovery period, and to reiterate the fact that plastic surgery results are not overnight.

“A lot of people think they go in and come out perfect. It’s not like that. People can be misleading, and give misinformation about the process, saying negative things. A lot of clients say bad things when they don’t see the result they want straight-away. With this reality show, they will see how important it is to rest and recover, that it’s not an overnight thing. It’s a journey, ” Cotterill said.