Shauna Chyn is calling out Dancehall fans for not supporting female artistes but criticising their music.

The controversial entertainer is currently promoting her new track “Look Good” with 6ixBoss Squash. It seems a few critics took aim at Shauna Chyn’s constant supply of explicit lyrics and she is now hitting back.

In a video uploaded to her Instagram account, Shauna Chyn says women in the industry are forced to sing about their body because the men in Dancehall get more support than them.

“When unu see female a sing bout them body and them a talk bout them things and things weh them guh tru and them want to fix them body and unu keep on want to talk all kinda sh*t and be like ‘oh is that all she can do, sing about her p***y and her body?’,” Chyn said before shouting, “B***h y’all are the only reason why we have to do this sh*t because unu support man more than woman, now go get a f**king life,” she continued.


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