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Miss Universe Jamaica 2015 Sharlene Rädlein was dethroned earlier this week.

Earlier this week The Miss Universe Jamaica Organization revealed that Rädlein lost her title after breaching several of the clauses in her contract which included her failure to be in Jamaica for at least 21 days per month.

However the full-time model who lives in New York has since refuted the claims saying when she asked about activities she was told no appearances could be secured for as no one wanted her.

Rädlein added that she lost her title because she stood up to the organisers and refused to be bullied, intimidated, and further mistreated by them. The organizers decision to dethrone her comes weeks after she filed a lawsuit against the Miss Universe franchise.

Rädlein is suing over her unpaid cash prize. Rädlein who filed the suit in the Supreme Court in July claims the franchise breached their agreement after failing to award her a prize package valued at more than $2,000,000JMD.

Rädlein’s claims that she wasn’t paid her cash prize which was due since January 2016.