Shane O is being vocal on the hypocrisy in the Dancehall industry.

The recording artiste, who is also known for writing several big name acts took to his Instagram story earlier this week to give an insight into the music business.

“Nuff artist me know from long time, all them do is smile with me and tell me i’m talented,” the “Partner Draw” deejay wrote over a photo with Jah Cure, whom he showed his appreciation along with Konshens.

Shane O Talks Return To Dancehall, Stop Ghostwriting, Plagiarism Rumors

“Big up Konshens [and] Jah Cure, some a them all fi them self, so that’s why Jah will always shine his light on me so i can help another black brother, black a power.”

“…to be honest when I see the Jah Cure the singer himself turn up to help a youth like me I said to my self JAH JAH know I really deserve this, I feel so honored, I look into myself same time and say don’t stop push many more great musicians waiting and before I go I have to say this LIFETIME THANKS,” he added.

Shane O is gearing up to release a collaboration with Jah Cure due next month.