Dancehall artiste Savage is looking to get into the skin bleaching industry.

The “Culu Culu” deejay recently announced that he will be launching his very own skin-lightening product line.

Savage shared the news with fans on Instagram, according to the entertainer his ‘Clean Skin’ product line, which referencing his 2016 single will available soon.

‘Clean Skin’ is created from Savage’s secret skin lightening formula and users will allegedly see results as early as three days. “White away, right away,” is the slogan of the deejay’s line.

“Di people dem always a ask me, ‘Savage, a weh yuh use pan yuh skin bredda?’ Right now mi inbox full a message cuz di people dem wah know the secret. Mi a go gi dem it innu, so right now mi a develop my own line a products. It’s still in the early stages of planning but mi have the formula already so as soon as mi iron out the details, mi a go drop it,” Savage told The STAR during an interview. “Mi have mi specialist right now a add to weh mi have and we a get the website together right now. The line a go name ‘Savage Clean Skin’ and it a go hot. The music business is more than just making songs. Money deh deh fi make in other areas. Mi see di business opportunity out deh and mi a take it.”

The artiste he got the motivation to finally create the produce to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown that has crippled the Entertainment industry.

“Mi always see the baller dem, the track star dem a do dem thing while still setting up other businesses, and a now me really a see how smart that is. You can’t ever have all your eggs in one basket, it’s good to expand,” he said. “As artistes we can do music and still open up we businesses, because in times like these when music is at a standstill, you can have the business to fall back on.” The entertainer said that although the skin bleaching market is a highly competitive one, he feels he already has an edge .

“When somebody can look at you and see that your products work, yuh nuh need fi ask dem twice fi support it. So mi nah worry about who already a do dis. Memba say from day one, a me say ‘clean skin’,” he continued.

Savage’s ‘Clean Skin’ skin-lightening product line will have creams, soaps and oils.