Safaree Samuels has taken extraordinary measures to protect his family from COVID-19.

Safaree is not taking COVID 19 lightly and has taken extra precautions to keep his wife and child safe.

The Love & Hip Hop star took to Instagram to post a video showing off his protective gear while going to the pharmacy. He posted the video with the caption, “going to the pharmacy for a nail kit…wife says I can’t come in without showering and throw away the outside air.”

In the video, Safaree is seen dressed in a full Pancho, wearing gloves, safety glasses, and a face mask. The rapper’s extra precaution is somewhat ironic as he initially downplayed the crisis.

The video was viewed over 3,000,000 times by fans who seem split on the rapper’s post. While most people commended him for being extra cautious, others were quick to accuse him of seeking attention.

Since entering quarantine with his family Safaree has been very active on Instagram. The rapper recently told followers to use this experience to spend more time with family and to value each other.

The rapper was also seen promoting social distancing by posted a photo walking his baby. “Me & Blanket practicing social distancing out for a walk today,” he posted.

Despite some criticism, Safaree’s precautionary measures are understandable considering his newborn child. Earlier this year the rapper and his wife Erica Mena welcomed their baby girl to the world.