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In a recent interview Safaree finally cleared up a few rumours including whether or not he wrote for his ex-girlfriend, Nicki Minaj.

The Jamaican rapper, songwriter spoke candidly about his claims of domestic abuse during his long-term relationship with Minaj, as well as his life after the relationship.

But, as the reality star boasted about his accomplishments in his life after, the hosts used the opportunity to inquire about his musical success and his impact on Minaj’s career.

As they fumbled over whether or not Safaree wrote Minaj’s legendary “Monster” verse, Safaree proceeded to set the record straight about his involvement with his ex-girlfriend’s music and lyrics.

“There’s definitely stuff that my name ain’t apart of, that you know, I played a part,” he said, as the host interjects, and asks if he wants it back. To which, Safaree said, “It ain’t even about want it back because it’s like, it happened already. It’s like whatever.”

When asked if he has written anything together with Minaj, #Safaree simply said, “Together, absolutely.” But, when asked if he has ever written “whole entire verses or songs,” Safaree said, “No,” settling the issue, once and for all.