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Businessman, artiste manager Romeich Major stopped by Onstage Tv last weekend for a candid interview.

Romeich is the manager for three of Dancehall’s top acts Shenseea, Ding Dong Ravers and UpTop Boss Teejay so its only right he was asked about his formula for success in the competitive local music industry.

When asked his secret, Romeich credited his hardworking team and talented artistes, “The biggest thing is not only about me but God has blessed me with three lovely artistes,” he said. “The biggest thing is they listen, they believe in what i say i’m gonna do and in all my executions and they execute it when i give them to do.”

Romeich lauded Shenseea, Ding Dong Ravers and UpTop Boss Teejay saying they listen to his directives, work very hard and they are all family, “My artiste them is everything to me, they are my family, my friend everything, if you step pan dem toe and hurt them you hurt me,” he continued. “Shenseea son is like my son, Teejay family and him team is mine, Ding Dong family too, Christmas day mi deh a Ding Dong yard a eat dinner.”

Speaking on Shenseea relationship rumours and an alleged marriage between the two, Romiech made it clear that they are both single, “Me and Shenseea are more like best friends,” he said. “At the end of the day we are free to do anything that we want, we are not obligated to nobody and if we are together mi nuh need fi tell nobody that, our personal life different from business life.”

Watch Romeich Major’s full Onstage TV interview below.