Shenseea’s manager, Romeich Major has broken his silence on the entertainer’s alleged altercation over the weekend.

Social media has been buzzing all week over the reported incident. Details still remains sketchy but several Dancehall fans are claiming that the “ShenYeng Anthem” singer got into a brawl with her former best friend while attending a popular River Party.

Romeich stopped by local radio station ZIP 103 FM on Thursday and as expected he was asked about the rumours. “That story is bigger than management,” he said in response.

According to the popular Businessman/artiste manager the situation is being blown out of proportion due to Shenseea being a celebrity, “she is a very strong and straightforward person and she will bounce back from that,” he continued.

He also added that the reports floating around social media are fake news, “We know what is real from what is wrong or right. The story what they are portraying is very negative, yes it is a bad situation but that’s not how it happened,” Romeich said.

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