Buju Banton’s anti-mask rant on Instagram turned into a heated Twitter beef with his daughter, Abihail Myrie and his alleged ‘Champion’ Tasha Rodney.

The Grammy-winning artiste sent shock waves online when he declared that he would not be wearing masks as mandated by the Government of Jamaica in their fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Moments later, Buju Banton’s daughter, Abihail Myrie took to Twitter warning her followers to continue wearing their mask, “So anyway y’all wear your masks,” she wrote.

While Abihail’s message was co-signed by sister Jodian Myrie, however attorney Tasha Rodney, who represented Buju Banton in 2011, was not having it.

“Go study your books and stop allowing them to use you to tear down your father,” Rodney said in a response to Abihail Myrie’s tweet.

Myrie was quick to respond and said, “And if it is that you were studying yours enough you wouldn’t be on twitter.com advertising your ignorance.”

The war of words was not over just yet and Tasha Rodney chimed-in with another response, “You are the one showing your ignorance.  Those who want to wear masks are doing so. Before you disrespect me, please send me back every dollar I ever sent you. Please and thanks. By the time I was your age, I already had a degree and was working on my second one but carry on.”

Abihail Myrie then wrote, “Whatever monies you think you have sent Abihail Myrie please to post those as opposed to old photo memories you so sadly hold on to. I guess with all those degrees you still couldn’t calculate not to sleep with a married man who at the time had 13 kids and counting.”

“I hope the second degree made a with your life choices. And let’s not get carried away here. A degree at 20? Carry on,” She continued.

Rodney then dragged Myrie’s mother into the mix when she said, “Yes dear. I had a degree at 20. Don’t worry about my life choices. You and your mother are stil hurt that she couldn’t hold him. Don’t be upset with me. Be upset with him.”

“You & your Mom are still bitter after all these years! Continue to tear not only your father down but me 2. You know nothing about our relationship. You thikn you do but you don’t. I will make sure to show him what a good person you turned out to be!!!!,” the attorney-at-law added.

But wait there was more….  “My mom??? From mask to man. Your bitterness is showing. You were oh so paying for a man you thought you’d have when he got here to eat all of your unwanted kids. Using all the money you have to pay mortgage for his house that you’ve never even been too,” Abihail said in her clap-back.

“I’m not Buju’s b*tch dear. And unlike your mother, I never needed him to give me a dime,” Rodney responded before declaring herself as Buju Banton’s ‘Champion’.

“I was always kind to you and did what I could to help your family and was under no obligation to,” she said. “I had great hopes for you and still do. So, please show some respect to your father and me. There is no reason for you to publicly attack him or me. Bless.,” Rodney continued.

Abihail Myrie spilled more tea on the timeline as she wrote, “Rude as hell. I don’t even argue on here. But don’t think you’re gonna talk down to me AND mention my good good mom and i not say anything. Go roun gyal.”

“Moved all your sh*t here in Jamaica thinking when he got here he would’ve moved in with you and he didn’t even visit you. Defending a man that doesn’t even want you. Be blessed, champion,” she continued.

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