Dancehall artiste Quada, releases new visuals for his track ‘Best Friend’ with the help of Money 3 Production, Lone Wolf Filmz and his record label Unruly Entertainment.

The 6 minute video was released on August 30, to his ‘QuadaVEVO’ YouTube channel. The video starts off in 2016 showing the artiste telling his girl that his music career would take-off, however she does not seem convinced. Due to it being a long time of struggling, her frustration came out in a outburst, leading Quada out the door, “Mi go fix tings!” he yells.

The track details a journey with his partner in crime, where they go from being poor, to being wealthy, “A nuh today we a par. Before mi tun star, run out a gas ah she a help me push di car / Baby yuh a me best friend, from nutt’n to som’n di link extend” the artiste sings.

In the music video, a deal goes bad and while Quada is out, his girl has a bad encounter with a client who reveals her to the cops. Moving forward, its now 2020 and now both Quada and his girl are living their best life. Driving pristine cars, sipping on Hennessy and looking fancy which is an indication that his music career has finally took off.

Though they are not where they want to be as yet, Quada sings, “Yo wait till di day when mi get rich mi baby, we go buy the same colour matching Benz, baecation in a luxurious hotel, we a drink some champagne weh none a we can spell,”

The video then ends with quote, “Every man needs a woman when his life is mess … because just like in the game of Chess – A Queen Protects Her King.”

You can watch the music video below