Protoje recently posted a video to his Instagram, sharing how he feels about politics.

The Reggae star, real name Oje Ken Ollivierre, posted a IGTV clip to his Instagram calling it a “Self Defense Anti-Dub.” He followed that up with a quite wordy paragraph, “NO POLITICIAN CANT BEG NO DUBPLATE FROM ME,” he wrote, “Yo lots of Politicians blame the music for everything yet when time come they turn to the Music to catch the people. Yes me have politicians that I rate and respect highly same way, but if the Stone Naa touch you please don’t squeal.”

However, he states confidently that he is not throwing any shade towards any artiste that has done a Dubplate even though there has been many, “Naa judge no artist for being involved, this a just my argument for me, let’s debate!!” he added.

Dancehall and reggae culture is often thrashed by our local government, even so, whenever election time comes, they tend to turn a blindeye, knowing full well that music sells and helps in furthering their political motives.

“Di mockery fi stop right ya now / Out a luck right ya now / How much time di music dem attack / We cyaan keep dance more than four time a week pon di streets / And dem waan lock it off 12 o’ clock / So yutes be wise ’cause a dem blame the music / Seh violence is rooted in dancehall or trap / Well if that’s the case then what’s the excuse you will use now a bear dubplates dem a drop,” the In.Digg.Nation boss sings.

The dub was co-written and engineered by young Jamaican music producer Iotosh who also appears in Protoje’s recent music video for “Like Royalty” with Popcaan. “Big up @grunggaadzilla fi set the example seen, ICON set the order,” Protoje noted.

Watch Protoje’s Self Defense Anti-Dub below