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Portia Simpson-Miller has broken her silence on Tanya Stephens taking jabs at her track record.

According to sources close to Miller, she’s shocked and found the post disheartening because she’s always been a fan of Stephens.

“Sista P really took the post to heart because she’s a fan of Tanya and always listens to her music…,” sources told The Tropixs. “She [Portia] found her [Tanya] empowering because of her story and how she remained strong and focused so it was a shame to see her tearing her down on social media for the world to see,” the sourced added.

Last week the female Dancehall/Reggae artiste labelled the retired PNP leader, and former Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller as an embarrassment.

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The “Its A Pity” singer took to social media blasting those celebrating the retiring female politician’s career, labeling her as an “embarrassment” to Jamaica, and a leader of poor intelligence.

Stephens went on to compare the veteran leader to a “rapist” being congratulated for being a “good man,” and further branding her an awful human being, who she thoroughly satisfied was finally leaving the political scene.

The vocal female deejay would later delete the post after a barrage of fans and politicians blasted her for the comments, saying they were harsh and degrading words for one of Jamaica’s most important female figures.